A Lady Named Cuba

7/12/15 – A shy lady with a blossomy smile, a delightful attitude of life, full of gratitude……She is my lady, Cuba. I have known her over a year. God bonded us together. She taught me a great lesson of gratitude and JUST LOVE as God first loved us.We often complain about what we don’t have in our lives; job, money, kids… name it. We want more and more and more… never-ending desires, worldly desires.

Knowing Cuba I learned a life lesson of denying yourself, being humble, gracious… an unconditional love. So often we love others with conditions. Overlooking, discounting the people God has placed in our lives. They aren’t put there by chance. There is a divine purpose. Do you realize it and learn from it?! Discover what you learned today. Love you all.

Cuba - a loving lady Cuba - my precious lady

One thought on “A Lady Named Cuba

  1. JMWard August 2, 2015 at 1:55 am

    I’m sure you made her day and your smiling face must mean she made yours too… nice pics!

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