A Special Day For All

Yesterday we had the honor to hear Dr. Bob Lay‘s preaching. Look! Even the birds were lining up to listen the whole time.

Yesterday we celebrated brother Kevin Lewandowski and brother George’s 7 years and 3 years clean and sober, and brother George’s birthday with all of the Church without Walls attendants.

At the end of celebration, a regular attendant, an Israeli brother, came with this had been prayed brand new bracelet to put on me. He claimed that he went up to a mountain to pray and ask for blessings from God to bless the church and for me to wear this bracelet, and explained that’s why he didn’t attend church this morning. When he saw me, he just raised the bracelet above his head and straight put it on my wrist. And he rushed away saying, “I need to go back to the mountain pray for Church without Walls and you continuously.”

Afterwards we fellowshipped with our volunteers with Chinese food.

Please join us in prayer that the “Special Days” keep coming in God’s time and according to His perfect Will. And His Will be done. We are bond-servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us lift up Jesus Christ on high. Let Jesus’ light shine through all of us!

God loves you very much and so do I.

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