Where Is Your Team?

This morning Pastor Kirk Overstreet shared the Gospel (the Good News) and truth with us. Sister Terry Pacheco’s team provided gourmet food and served our friends with love. It was a blessed Sunday. We were laughing, hugging, talking, praying… like a big family.

One of the friends asked me, “Jennifer, where is your team?”

God grants the whole team of anonymous volunteers to be able to accomplish His work on earth by praying and preparing all the needs of the Ministry and Church. Thank you, my friends, my team. We are bond-servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am honored to be the frontline soldier. Our team is ONE under Jesus’ leading for the Kingdom of God.

God also granted volunteers who are living on Skid Row to help set up chairs and tables for the Church and serve food. Since our former commander, Don, left for home in Thailand (he is glad to be home), God sent David, the tallest guy in the picture, to take Don’s position. Praise the Lord.

We always have open positions. You don’t need to apply for approval. Just bring your love, compassion, and get to work for the Kingdom with us!

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