Celebrating The Life Of Karen Nelson

Yesterday, we celebrated the life of a fellow skid row teammate, Karen Nelson. Come to find out we started serving on Christian Assembly’s Skid Row team about the same time in 2007.

Karen was a Jersey Girl that had an incredibly hard life, she was physically abused and mentally abused by her own parents; as a means to cope she numbed the pain with alcohol and drugs. Karen’s life had reached bottom with thoughts of suicide, but God had other plans. Through the invitation of a co-worker to come to church (after being asked numerous times), little did she know that in that moment of saying yes, her life was about to change, forever. Karen accepted God’s love for her and developed a relationship with Jesus that took her on a wild ride to Skid Row. Karen served faithfully, and a year before her end with cancer (a long battle), she served for her last time, in a wheelchair. People on skid row connected immediately with her and enjoyed her visit and prayers. Karen wanted to be loved, hugged and heard. She found her happy place; she found that love in Jesus, with her cats and with all her friends on Skid Row. Karen, we miss you and love you. You are always in our hearts.

What a beautiful memorial celebration and what a precious reunion of friends gathering together to honor Karen’s love, friendship and service. [Credit to sister Marlo Lundberg Reininger]

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