Experiencing God

I have to share with you.

Two months ago I rented this 10 x 10 room in a mobile home in Chatsworth. I arranged my room with a faith corner and a small garden on my study desk. I knew that’s God’s arrangement for me to leave the crowd to spend time with Him. Everything was arranged for me perfectly. God’s peace and joy filled my heart. Sometimes I felt that I am an outsider looking into the world.

Since this virus happened. I am extremely in peace and full of joy to worship with God, spending private time just with my Father.

This afternoon when I walked around this park, the mountains, white clouds and light blue clear sky surrounded me. So quiet I almost can hear my breath. I had never experienced closeness to God like these few days. That’s the intimate relationship with my Daddy that I was longing for. I FOUND IT.

Thank you Lord, Jesus for your forgiveness. I claim, I am Yours. Amen.

Take care of yourself and your family. Do not let the situation defeat you emotionally and physically. Communicate with God. Listen to His voice attentively. He is in control.

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