Feel you’re not doing anything? Actually you are…

7/7/15 – I received this email this afternoon from Angelica…

“Jennifer, I would like to do more for the ministry.  I don’t feel like I’m doing anything but showing up and I feel compelled to do more to help.  Since I can’t go on Sundays perhaps I can help you take the food to the shelter on Saturday.  I can use my van now that it is running, so we don’t really need any of the guys unless they need to take the remaining food home.  I don’t have an extra refrigerator to put the food in.  Let me know.  Love you too!!”

Angelica is one of our family members who helps us get food from Trader Joe’s every Saturday, and who is the one helping us to get Our Daily Bread from Our Daily Bread Ministry. And she doesn’t feel like she’s doing anything!

My dearest family, you are part of this ministry. No matter what kind of contribution, money, time, labor, ideas, singing, worshipping, prayer… You actually are doing something for the Lord. Our Father God is pleased. Our audience is the One above; to please Him is our only goal. We are grateful to be one of the members.  Love you all.

Love lunch bag; Discipleship housing


A Sandwich, A Snack, A Bottle of water = A lunch bag with LOVE

Do you have a desire to contribute a LOVE LUNCH BAG this Sunday, 06/28?
If you do, please let me know before then how many you are making and where I can pick them up on Saturday afternoon or Sunday early morning on my way to Skid Row.

Discipleship Housing Available

If you know someone who is devoted to God, loves our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and is willing to serve God, change their old life style if necessary (These are the MUST requirements), and wants to find a job and get back on their feet; there is hope. This discipleship housing is available for them. Please let me know.

Welcome to ONENESS

4/23/15 – Welcome brothers and sisters. We are a big family in our Father God’s house now. In order to grow spiritually we need to help each other. To be true to each other,  love each other. Now I am asking you to help me. As you all know I am using broken English, and lack knowledge using Facebook. I am learning day by day from YOU. We are open for any comment, suggestion, and discussion. Remember our ONENESS is a huge blessing by God’s grace. I love you all. You also welcome to invite your friends to join God’s ministry with us. You can visit JESUS KNOWS MY NAME MINISTRY on Facebook. I don’t have time to post anything right now since to I am in transition to a new job. Praise the Lord! But you are welcome to share anything in your heart. This is OUR place. God bless!


Welcome to Jesus Knows My Name!

Jesus Knows My Name Ministry is also supported by Prayer City Troops.

You are invited to join us, to pray for us and to pray for all people.

Our vision:
Spreading the Gospel
Sharing God’s love
Helping the less fortunate
Feeding the hungry

Nothing is too small, nothing too big. Your prayers are a huge blessing for us and our friends at skid row in downtown Los Angeles. We are honored to have you as part of our team to share the Oneness in our Lord, Jesus Christ. We will share the process, progress and some touching stories with you as we grow.