You Are Invited To This Meaningful Event

2015 Christmas Project

When:  12/19 Saturday
Time:  1:00 pm
Where:  My house at Granada Hills (call, text or email me for address)
Purpose:  Worship, pack the blessing gift bags and pray for the recipients.

A light meal will be served
(Please RSVP needed so I can prepare food)

By God’s grace we have so many prayers, volunteers, supporters, donations… I lost count. God provides everything for His ministry. He takes all our worries away.

This year’s gift bag includes:
A brand new full Bible, Christian reading material, blanket, T-shirt, socks, gloves, hat, scarf, a candy can with a cute snowman, chocolate, a Christmas card with hand written scripture and prayer for the recipients by Chaplain Billy from URM and my classmates at TUMI.

Hallelujah! God is able. God is good all the time. Hallelujah!

Philippians 4:4 –
“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”

Harvest Sunday on Skid Row – We Want YOU! :)

From Jaz Persing re: Jesus Loves Skid Row

Hey Friends!

Hope this email finds you well! I’m writing to invite you to join us for our Skid Row Harvest Sunday! Here are the details below:
Sunday, November 22 from 8:15 AM – 11:00 AM
Christian Assembly Church Office Parking Lot, carpooling to Skid Row from there 🙂
2401 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041 (on the North side corner of Colorado and Ellenwood)
We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our Skid Row friends by handing out coffee/tea, pre-assembled hygiene kits, and encouraging notes. Some of us will be staying behind at 6th and Gladys to hand out coffee and tea and to pray, worship, and fellowship with our Skid Row community there, and some of us will walk out in groups to offer prayer to those on surrounding streets.
Whether you feel most comfortable praying for someone or just handing out coffees, we would love for you to join us in this time to bless Skid Row for the Thanksgiving season! Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂
Jaz Persing

Be A Part Of These Projects

Hi Brothers and Sisters.

11/29 at the same place – 6th/Gladys between 8:45 and 10:30 am. Please either email me at: or text me.

You are welcome to be part of it all on that day or give me a call to arrange Saturday pick up. I am happy to pick up whatever you got from wherever you are.

On that day 11/29 in addition to serving food we will also be passing out used clothing, hygiene items, scarves, hats, and whatever our God provides.

12/27 the Sunday after Christmas will be our Christmas project – We will give out blessing gift bags to our friends – The bag will include: a hand written Christmas card with the signature of one who will pray for the recipient, a hat, a scarf, a T-shirt, lotion, a blanket, a Christian reading book and a full Holy Bible, plus whatever our God provides.

God loves His children who love Him. God bless. Looking forward to hearing your voice.

God loves you very much and so do I.

His servant,
Jennifer Chou


Holiday season is approaching. We are happy, we are blessed, we celebrate, we are thankful for everything we have. Except praying for our friends, the less fortunate people who are suffering hunger, and cold, lonely… Although some charities are giving out necessities as usual. What is the difference between us and them?! We share God’s love with them. We care. We are God’s children. We are following our Lord and Savior, Jesus. We come to serve. Are you following Jesus?

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” – Matthew 20:28

I urge you spend 11/29 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving between 9 and 10:30 am) or 12/27 (the Sunday after Christmas between 9 and 10:30 am) with us to serve and share with our brothers and sisters at 6th/Gladys.

“When I am following Jesus,
I experience the abundant life.
It is not exactly clear if I am the giver or the recipient,
And it doesn’t really matter;
Life is an everflowing stream,
Giving becomes receiving,
Grace calls forth gratitude.
— Kenneth H. Carter, JR, The Gifted Pastor


Something to Think Ahead…

…and let me know:

Acts 20:35 (ESV):
“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

MARK on your calendar
11/29/2015 (Sunday after Thanksgiving) &
12/27/2015 (Sunday after Christmas)

to Make GRAVY
to Make TURKEY
to Serve ON SUNDAY


All the food needs to be ready by Saturday morning so we can take to Hippy Kitchen to store for us and they will help us and reheat to serve at 9am  at 6th/Gladys.

DONATIONS – It’s time to clean up your closet.
Ask your dentists to donate toothpaste, toothbrush
Hygiene items – Shampoo, conditioner, Bar soap……
Socks, T-Shirt, gloves

Please contact me to arrange weekend pick up.


Bible, Christian books, Christmas cards, Blankets, 6 turkeys.

— feeling thankful.

Harvest Day continued

Saturday was a harvest day. I said we are going to sing “How great is our God!” After serving at skid row we attended the church service at CA and we sang “How great is our God!” Isn’t that amazing?!

After church we had fellowship at park. We spent precious time worship, praying, singing and eating…..of course.

Afterwards brother Jamie took two newcomers, Rose, a friend from Hallelujah Housing and Robert, a friend from skid row, Tom and me to attend Pastor Greg Laurie’s crusade. It was amazing how many people confessed and turned to God. It is a remarkable memory. Thank you Lord. Thank you brother Jamie.

More pictures

Harvent day Praise the Lord!

What A Joyful Day!

Look all these. We got harvest today. The greatest is seeing people’s thankful tears, hearing grateful prayers and we are part of all these to witness HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD.

We are going to sing this song “How Great Is Our God?” Are you going to join us?! (Our 2nd fellowship tomorrow 1 pm at Bette Davis Picnic Area. 1850 Riverside Dr., Glendale, CA 91201. (corner of Victory/Riverside Drive)

Thank you family for your unceasingly prayer. Sorry. We need more……prayers. Amen. Love you all.