Tiny Homes Delivered to Help the Homeless

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26

This will be one of our goals in Los Angeles as we associate with Open Corner Christian Home located in Anaheim, is building tiny homes like these to enlarge their capabilities, helping our homeless friends in Skid Row. By God’s grace, in God’s time, may God’s will be done.

Tiny homes delivered to help homeless in the East Bay

“DON’T CRY RIGHT NOW.” A church in the Hayward and Castro Valley area took a delivery on Friday that was tiny and huge at the same time.

First “Bridge Home” Facility for L.A.

Praise God; our friends finally got attention. The dream becomes reality. With God all things are possible. Thank You, Lord! Amen.

In just a few days, homeless Angelenos will be moving off the streets and into our first A Bridge Home facility. Check out the ways that bridge housing gives Angelenos in need a path to a better future.

Posted by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

“In just a few days, homeless Angelenos will be moving off the streets and into our first A Bridge Home facility. Check out the ways that bridge housing gives Angelenos in need a path to a better future.”

Surge In Older Homeless Population

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“While some homeless people are aging in place, L.A.’s spiraling housing costs increasingly are driving people into homelessness for the first time at advanced ages, advocates said…“Three to five people a month are falling into homelessness late in life,” said Brandi Orton, government relations director for St. Barnabas Senior Services and managing director of the Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition.” (7/19/18)

While L.A.’s overall homeless population dipped slightly in this year’s count, those 62 and older rose by 22%, to nearly 5,000 people.

When Homeless People Die In Your City

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“In 30 years as a social worker, Turner has attempted to access the funds on numerous occasions, most recently in 2016 to get assistance with the burial of one of the vendors of Street Sense. “It’s always hard,” she said. “We’re often turned away. When we tried to access the fund the last time, we were told it was empty. Nobody pays as much attention to the fund as they should.” … When such hurdles become insurmountable, charitable organizations, religious groups and even in one reported case, a coroner, have stepped in to pay for proper burials of those who have died on the streets. Local churches, many of which have their own affiliated cemeteries, have been known to donate plots, and absorb the costs of the service.” (6/28/18)

Can cities provide the dignity in death homeless people often weren’t provided in life?

Community By Design

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Community by Design: Skid Row Housing Trust is the resulting short film, which focuses on Skid Row Housing Trust’s mission to house what has become the highest number of unsheltered people anywhere in the country, according to Mike Alvidrez, CEO of the Skid Row Housing Trust.

How the Skid Row Housing Trust works with LA’s best architects to change lives.

58,000 Homeless

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“…what is needed are reasonable compromises that protect the health, safety and basic needs of homeless people while ensuring the community’s ability to function day in and day out. That, in turn, requires residents and businesses not just to accept the presence of homeless people, but to have a stake in getting them off the streets and into housing…Realizing they can’t leave thousands of people in tents on the sidewalks in the meantime, city officials have kicked around a number of promising ways to house homeless people on a temporary basis; for example, there’s a proposal to fast-track the conversion of motels into short-term rentals and a plan to put housing trailers on a city-owned lot.” (3/1/18)

From dirty streets to wildfires to viral outbreaks, homelessness impacts us all. There is no passing the buck.