Are you busy in your life?

5/9/15 – Don’t let your busy life draw you away from God without realizing it. Enrich your knowledge of God and in the Word and put it in practice everyday. Compared to all of you, I’m probably in the oldest range by age but in our Father’s house I am the youngest one. At the end of each day I look back at all I have done, and I list out what’s good, and what’s not so good. Than I start worshiping and giving thanks to God; and for the not so good I confess, asking for forgiveness. I included my mentors, Dr. Bob Lay (Dean of The Urban Ministry Institute, Los Angeles), Pastor Kay Adams B (Funder of Believers in Recovery) without their permission in this Jesus Knows My Name Ministry. I am sorry Dr. Bob and Pastor Kay. I just need someone to watch over me and I know both of you will give me positive advice honestly. Tell me the truth boldly. To all my friends, my “family” don’t be afraid to point out our sisters and brothers’ mistakes. Positive criticism helps each other to grow in spirit. I am going back to The Urban Ministry Institute, Los Angeles, finally in July. Wow. I can’t wait and I can’t stop sharing with you. Will you join me?!

Joining us and need bags

5/5/15 – Leland, a friend of our forever leader Peggy, is going to lead his church’s life group to join us to serve the Lord this Sunday. This is another evidence of the ONENESS. How grateful we are. After I mentioned this Sunday is Mother’s Day his group may already have commitment to their moms or wives. He will remind his group but he will be there with us. Wow. I don’t want to cry.

Since I am going to prepare cranberry chicken, Joe is going to cook rice. That’s a big job for me to cook for 200 people. A big test, which I have never done before. Our Father God will help me, that I know. No worries. But I need 20 lunch bags (sandwich, fruit and a bottle water or juice pack in a bag), let Leland bring it with books to visit, pray and make connections with our friends who live in the tents. Text, email me or call me after 5pm for pick up. If you are not going to “our” place this Sunday. Remember if you can’t come, prayer counts. We work, you pray. What a wonderful team! Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

5/3/15 – Praise the Lord; God provides more than we request. Chuy Lira volunteered for this coming week to pick up food, sorting with Angelica on Saturday and delivery on Sunday. Daniel, you can take day off.  🙂 Anyone available whichever week please let me know. The idea is to take turns so we won’t burn anyone out. I don’t how Angelica did it non-stop. She amazed me with her dedication. Let us give her applause. Thank you Angelica!

These weeks we are getting more and more people to pray and make connections with the people in the line even the foreigner just coming into town.

Next week’s plan: we are going to prepare some lunch bags to pray and visit the people who live in the tents. This we learned from skid row pioneers – John, Cathy, Pia, Peggy, Les, Karen, Lucy…….Thank you!

Rice is Nice

5/1/15 – My dear family. I have to share this exciting news and the blessings with all of you.

I was worried about 05/10 whether we’d have enough warm white rice go with my cranberry chicken to serve our friends. (I want to show off my cooking skills.) Guess what! A phone rang, and Joe at skid row (lots of people know him, who helps our skid row ministry every week) expressed appreciation again. I asked him if I gave him rice this Sunday could he cook it for us. “Yes, I’d love to…” was his answer to my request. God knows our heart. Let us pray and give thanks to our Heavenly Father. He is wonderful.

Sharing Thanks

4/27/15 – Yesterday afternoon I received phone calls from our friends at skid row and the HIV patients, who wanted me to give their thanks to our family members. I almost want to cry again. (Hey. I am not a cry baby. Just the love we get is overwhelming) I have to thank our brothers and sisters’ prayer and support – volunteers, approaching people one on one and sharing words, love, books, providing homemade lunch bags, hamburgers, drinks,…. God is at work in His ministry. We are grateful and honored to be chosen ones. Let us give thanks and glory to our dear Heavenly Father. Lord. We need you. We are Yours and You are ours. Amen.