Free Food Distribution on Tuesday 8/25/15, 10:00am to 1:00pm

posted 8/20/15
On Tuesday 8/25/15 from 10:00am to 1:00pm: Free Food Distribution…

Family! Please tell someone you know, you don’t know, just tell those in need and don’t forget the most important is keep spreading the Word. Talking about God. Save your conversations of weather, dress, work, boyfriend, girlfriend….; boast the Truth, the Good News to others. You know we have a lot of to talk about. Right?! Amen.

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Life Breakfast and Women’s Discipleship

posted 8/14/15
Dayspring Christian Fellowship, Mission Hills.,
Lite breakfast & women’s discipleship
Saturday, August 22, 9:30 a.m
10925 Columbus Ave. Mission Hills, CA. 91321

If you want to bring a lady who wants to experience Holy Spirit transformation and know Jesus plus hear an amazing deliverance testimony from another lady. Bring her, ok?… Just let me know how many, they’re keeping a head count. Meet you there. My families.

Mexico mission party sunday… and next trip ur invited!

Posted by Ruthie 8/15/15 – Yo Peeps! Amigos… We are back from Mexico… amazing Glory… cant wait to share and to invite u to come on the next trip prob sept 11. Get ur passport… we will be loving on a boys’ home and camping on a seaside cliff… very yeehaw!!!!

Btw I lost my phone in Mex and computer broke before i left… so many numbers gone… if u havnt heard from me that’s why…(and behind in emails)

Ur invited to many Glory Parties…

Sunday serve at skid row 8:45 6th and Gladys
potluck this Sunday fellowship… hear about Mexico… Orphans and Jesus.
1:00 Aug 16th

Next Mission trip Sept 11 to Guadalupe Valley Mexico…yehaws!!!  Those boys need love, food, non perishable clothes, school supplies, bikes, Costco and Walmart cards very welcome. Ruthie Mexico Mission Trip
Hoping to really bless them and senior Lupe, the papa who’s needing love and support, who has been caring for them for over a decade

PS pics are different orphanages.  Did i mention its the most FUN ever?
Thy Kingdom Come..yay!!!

Fiesta Sunday my place 1pm..

Love Ruthie

August 8, 2015 Saturday @ COMMUNITY DAY

8/8/15 – We were able to participate in the Community Day and Open House (Homeless Transitional Housing). We had a chance to put a booth/table for items we are giving out like Bibles, “Our Daily Bread” literature, spiritual books, etc. Pastor Obie Obiacoro was requested to do the invocation.

A young man came to our table and got a Bible and others got Daily Bread and books. Praise God. What an opportunity to be a part of this event and share in the community!

This was where we were today after delivering the food to the HIV patients and the Filipino-American Transitional Housing, where we joined their open house.

Filipino Housing - 1 Filipino Housing - 2 Filipino Housing

A Blessed Day

7/19/15 – This world is getting filthier each day. How many are spiritually weakened by the rain? How long are you going to wait?! Our Lord, Savior Jesus Christ is coming. God poured on heavy rain to cleanse us, wash our filth away. Are we going to be like the Israelites were?!  Rebellious?! Wake up, people! My heart is broken to see our country going down.

Yesterday was a blessed day for all of us while we were sorting the food to different locations. I call that “A Blessing Rain.” Although we were showered by the rain we were happier than ever. We feel the “fresh”; we feel the “clean.” We were blessed.

Afterwards I volunteered at The Heart of Compassion’s monthly outreach at 6th/Stanford in downtown LA. When I drove there the rain was still pouring. But when we started setting up the BBQ, food, drink, clothing, hygiene, shoes… The rain stopped, sunshine came out, the temperature was comfortable the entire time till the event finished, and after we served the last hamburger and hot dog, the rain came back again. There were smiling faces everywhere. People’s testimony including mine; so many familiar faces showed up. We hug, we sing, we dance, we pray, we cry. People confess our Lord Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord. The Holy Spirit overflowed the entire place. A girl named Mary stood by me quietly, very shy and asking, “Would you please pray for me? I want you pray for me.” We did. And then holding my hand she sang a song and read a poem she wrote to me. God must have sent her to me. The song, the poem like the voice from heaven. I want to share the blessings with my family – YOU. Yes, you who are reading now. We are blessed. How grateful to be God’s children who answer God’s calling and faithfully walk in HIS way – The ONLY way. Amen.