Baptism and Scholarship!


Today, 7/19/2020 is a special day for our brother Brian Austin, a humble, loving young man who started his class at The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles on 7/14/2020. He told me he wants to attend the school I graduated from. He made the decision to serve the Lord, and after today’s service he asked to be baptized. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. You will be notified of Brian’s baptism date. Please join me to pray for Brian.

And I am honored to sign his “Pastor’s Reference Form.” Good news plus good news. The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles gives him a full scholarship!

There is no word that can describe the joy in me to witness a reborn baby in Christ. Rejoice in the Lord. There is Hope in Christ.

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Heavely Angel Peggy Heim

Yesterday I managed myself to serve as my sister would love to see me as strong as she was. I shared with our friends of her departure to Heaven united with our Father and our Lord.

The memories Peggy had shared with me always stayed fresh. She always encouraged me, pushed me, listened to me, allowing me to cry on her shoulders and yell at my frustrations. She was always there spoiling me.

Right before she moved to Oklahoma, Rick brought her to Skid Row to surprise our friends and me. She said, “I know you would love to see me, so I come to surprise you.” Yes. Peggy, you did a good job to cheer me up. I miss you so much.

After she moved to Oklahoma, one Sunday after service at Skid Row, I received a call with a very demanding voice, “Don’t ask. Just let me know where you are now and stay there don’t move. I am coming.” We spent time at King Fish filling the entire restaurant with our laughter and tears of joy.

Dear Peggy, you are deep in my heart. I will forever remember the time we spent together till you welcome me at the gate. We will unite again in Heaven, that’s my destiny. Love you.



During these more than 6 years of services, I missed one Sunday to visit my daughter but our service still kept going thanks to Pastor Obie Obiacoro who helped me to preach that day. Even when I had a car accident a few years back, brother Jamie suggested, “ You need to be there; just sit there. They just want to see you there. Need prayer.” So I presented.

Today I needed a test to be done in the morning in order to have a procedure done the following Wednesday. They came, lined up as usual and noticed that we didn’t set up for services. We just passed out food, drinks and Bibles, and prayed for them.

They asked “Why don’t have we Church service today?” “Will we have church service next Sunday?!” After I explained why I have to leave early today, they all asked, “Are you okay?! Take care of yourself.”

This precious relationship is priceless and can be found nowhere but in God’s house. God changed their goal of life from food to the Word of God.

And good news is one of our friends, Brian, is going to start his first class at The Urban Ministry Institute on 7/13/2020. With God all things are possible! Hallelujah! Will you join me to pray for Brian’s walk after God?

Thank you for your prayers and support. To God be the Glory! Amen.

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Listening Prayer

“A praying person hears the voice of God.” – Pastor Doug Kelley

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Doug Kelley

July 2


Most believers feel guilty that they don’t pray enough. The Bible says that we are to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17). If prayer is defined as nothing more than man talking to God, we have a problem. But true prayer is just like a telephone conversation – speaking and listening.

Famous Christian leader Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life.” Missionary William Carey said, “Prayer – secret, fervent, believing prayer – lies at the root of all personal godliness.” God says that His house shall be called a “House of Prayer” (Matt 21:13).

Richard Foster says, “Certain things will happen in history if we pray rightly. We are to change the world by prayer.” John Wesley agrees, “God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” Prayer is not always fun – it is work. Our ears can be so filled with the world’s wax that we can’t hear His still, small voice.

Oftentimes, our prayers do not seem to change our circumstances. But, fervent and effectual prayer will change the person praying. I like the old song that says, “I just heard from heaven, and it’s alright now.” God solves problems, lifts burdens, changes hearts and confirms direction when we pray.

TAKEAWAY: A praying person hears the voice of God.

Thank You Workers!

Calling all of you with a yearning to connect with other open-minded, spirited, life-long learners! WILDD Hearts was inspired by a group of friends who have shared life experiences, struggled with hardship and challenges and prospered with family, careers and life. We are determined to create a safe…
Calling all of you with a yearning to connect with other open-minded, spirited, life-long learners! WILDD Hearts was inspired by a group of friends who have shared life experiences, struggled with hardship and challenges and prospered with family, careers and life. We are determined to create a safe…

Experiencing God

I have to share with you.

Two months ago I rented this 10 x 10 room in a mobile home in Chatsworth. I arranged my room with a faith corner and a small garden on my study desk. I knew that’s God’s arrangement for me to leave the crowd to spend time with Him. Everything was arranged for me perfectly. God’s peace and joy filled my heart. Sometimes I felt that I am an outsider looking into the world.

Since this virus happened. I am extremely in peace and full of joy to worship with God, spending private time just with my Father.

This afternoon when I walked around this park, the mountains, white clouds and light blue clear sky surrounded me. So quiet I almost can hear my breath. I had never experienced closeness to God like these few days. That’s the intimate relationship with my Daddy that I was longing for. I FOUND IT.

Thank you Lord, Jesus for your forgiveness. I claim, I am Yours. Amen.

Take care of yourself and your family. Do not let the situation defeat you emotionally and physically. Communicate with God. Listen to His voice attentively. He is in control.

Veterans Shelter

A message from my friend Kevin Lewandowski:

Jennifer Chou, we are still up and running our Volunteers of America Veterans Shelter on Skid Row. I am working daily as well to care for our homeless Veterans. There will be approximately 6000 beds coming soon to service LA Homeless population getting them off the Streets. Jennifer they also have the 24 hr showers and 12 hr a day laundry open at the Refresh Spot that supplies soap, detergent, everything. They need blood donors at the Red Cross if you really want to help.