A Day in the Life at Skid Row…

6/21/15 – During the week we are studying, praying and busy with our lives. Weekends we go to church to refill our “Spiritual Tank.” Sundays we are ready to win the battle over the enemy with our Father God’s power. Nothing better than seeing smiles hanging on our friends’ faces, hearing progress in their lives, knowing how God works in them. Here are the stories —-

Robert B. who I hung out with last week moved into an apartment last week, told me this morning with his biggest smile that the doctor cancelled his diabetes medicine. Robert doesn’t have diabetes anymore. Thank you God.

Ms. Fina, lives at a homeless transition housing and is going to move into permanent housing on 06/27. Praise the Lord.


Family, keep praying. There is no other way we can communicate with God, to express our love for Him. —-Love you so much.

Exhausted–> Happiness–> Excited–> Happy/Sad–> Relaxing–> Shock–> Collapse–> Tomorrow a brand new day…

6/14/15 – GOD Has given us a new vision to pray on for instructions. Family let us pray that God equips us to accomplish the vision he has given us.

Exhausted = Cooked over 200 eggs till 3:30am and found out that Delta donated 80 cooked eggs.

Happiness = To see our friends and get to know their progress in their lives.

Excited = Peggy showed up to check on our work. Her hugs no one can compare. Her hugs, care, sincere, loving…… Oh! my God! Peggy. You don’t know how amazing you are.

Happy/Sad = Got to see David for the first time in a few months since he had settled down somewhere unknown. Both of us were feeling happy and sad while I was visiting him. We prayed together first. I tried to comfort him, encourage him. and ensure him that it will be okay under God’s grace and YOUR prayers.

Relaxing = Spent time at skid row with Robert, whose heart only functions at 50% according to the doctor. We shopped and had lunch at Ralph’s. We had a wonderful time and got to learn more about how to help the people at skid row more effectively.

Shock = After I dropped Robert off, on the way back my brain fell asleep for a second. I drove into the next lane till the car next to me woke me up!

Collapse = I was out when I saw my bed. 🙂

Tomorrow, a brand new day. Family let us pray together asking God to equip us, give us clear instructions, strength, encouragement and confidence to do His will, and His will be done for His Kingdom. Love you. You are in God’s heart; and in my heart as well.

To Be The Salt & Light of the World


Today after group prayer, Glen, a friend from skid row, walked toward me; I was so excited i almost ran into him. Because it has been couple weeks since i had seen him. I started wondering how he is doing.  He kept saying, “Thank you, thank you. You must have prayed for me because someone contacted me to help me with my situation. I am out of the street…” I was extremely excited and forget what I said. I only remember repeatedly saying “Don’t thank me. I did nothing. Give all your thanks to our Father God. Repent and believe….” He is the one shouting out loud to the people around him, “Did you hear? Did you hear? She knows my name, she remembers my name…” when I called his name 8 months ago at skid row. And the Jesus Knows My Name Ministry was born. Every Sunday after serving at skid row on the way driving back home I feel we won a battle for God’s Kingdom. I thank God for trusting in us to do His work. Let us pray for wisdom, guidance and that He equip us to walk in His way. And pray for healing and providing for the people in need. And give us clear instruction to accomplish the work He has given us.

Father God, we thank for all the blessings and promises You have given to us. We love you with our whole heart, with our whole soul, with our whole mind and with our whole strength. We trust and believe with You nothing is impossible. We worship and praise You are the King of kings, the Lord of lords forever and ever. Amen

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With God Nothing Is Impossible

5/17/15 – Last week after we decided to a start prayer circle and Bible study group, someone already said we will be hit hard this week.

This morning I loaded the car full of food, a table, books, cleaning supplies, plates…, heading to 6th street without knowing the entire downtown was blocked. My heart was burning, anxious… a cop told me I need to take the 110 to the 10 and exit at Central Avenue, then back to 6th street.

Before skid row i had never been in this area. I know only 6th/Gladys and I don’t have a great sense of direction. I got frustrated and impatient, and a voice whispered in my ear, “That’s okay. Just skip one day, no one cares…” but a strong voice instructed, “No. Keep going. I will guide you.” I placed my emergency call, “Jesus, Jesus. I need you now. Take me back to 6th/Gladys.” In front of my eyes i saw a Central Avenue street sign showing 3 exits from there. Thank you Lord. After I got on Central, where I should turn? Right or left? I placed another emergency call. I turned left and headed to the right direction. Thank you Lord. Thank God that Chuy, Mikey, Linda, Joe and few others already there had started serving the food that Angelica shared with us.

People kept calling me… I ran the red light at 4th street without knowing and got stopped by a cop, my heart already at 6th/Gladys. He asked me with a smile “Why are you so rushed?!” I think I had never spoken that fast. I said “Sir, I didn’t pay attention. I am sorry. I deserve to have a ticket please just let me go and give me the right direction…” He kept a smiley face the whole time. He showed me a piece of paper and asked me to sign and last thing I remembered was he said: “You are not guilty.” When I got home I couldn’t find the paper I signed. Finally I made it. Ruthie was doing her one on one approach. Chuy and his friends went down the street making connections with our friends in the tents…..

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

Although we are many but we are ONE. Amen.